Tim has been piercing as long as he has been in the industry. In 1997 working in a small shop in Southwest Virginia it was originally just extra money and wasn’t until Tim went to work for John Rowan at Rendezvous Tattoo in Blacksburg Virginia did he begin to fall in love with the meticulous detail and patience it took to do piercings correctly with precision and sterility that was at that time unmatched in the area.

Rendezvous Tattoo was the only Association of Professional Piercing certified shop in Virginia and was the entryway into a long career of enjoying the art and giving him the ability to do everything from freehand piercing to surface piercings and Dermal Anchoring and even corset piercings.

Now you’ll find Tim in his shop in Vinton Virginia doing what he loves every day in a clean comfortable environment and offering you the best in quality jewelry and competitive pricing.

16 years of experience speak for themselves. Tim is a state licensed piercer as well as a licensed instructor so give him a call to start your piercing project today. Expert piercing at its finest.

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